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Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonKumori Bullet by KumoriDragonKumori Bullet by KumoriDragon
[ Kortney | ♀ | Gray-Asexual Pride Flag by Blues-Eyes | Uninterested | ♎ ]
My name is Kortney Ellis, but on here I go by Kumori. Though I have collected a few nicknames over the years you can call me by: Kumi, Kumi-chan, Korndawg, Kumo, and K. I am currently 20 years old, with no license nor permit. I spend the majority of my time drawing and enjoying life~ I am currently unemployed/laid off . I try my best to be nice to everyone, but I am very passive-aggressive. (Though I don't like being mean to people I don't know). If you want to talk to me don't be afraid, if you aren't a bitch to me, and I won't be one to you. For as long as I can remember, I have had a bad habit of becoming obsessed with things, from animes, to TV shows, to bands, to movies, and even to people. There are two problems with this; I usually only stay obsessed with something for a few months, and the other is that I don't know how to break this habit, I think it may be unhealthy for me, but it keeps me happy. If you ever want to know what I'm currently obsessed with, ask, I will usually tell. If you need to contact me I have a Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr, I go by KumoriDragon on everything~ I hope I didn't come off as weird!
Kortney Kumori

List of Things to Do

IF I FORGET SOMETHING, PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Don't be afraid to ask, like me. When people owe me stuff, I always feel guilty reminding them...

Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonContest pictures/stuff with deadlines:Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon
SSB Collab - Bowser - NO SET DEADLINE Progress Bars - Fire colors %25 by Kazhmiran

Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonContest/Kiriban Prizes:Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon

Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonCommissions:Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon

Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonArt Trades/Collabs:Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon
enterdragongalaxy - Collab Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
KentmanStudios Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran

Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragonPEOPLE WHO OWE ME STUFF:Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon
In order of oldest, to most recent. It's not a bad thing to be on this list, just helps me keep track.


Shapeshifter Stamp by youkai-himeToo Asexy by elavoriaRavenclaw Stamp by KileaiyaI'm a -SHIPPER- stamp by Emmajh97Homestuck is Overrated Stamp by smileystampsI listen to the same song... by IreneMartiniStamp: Music Videos by SkystalkerStamp by VintageIceCreamMusic helps me create OCs... by Riona-la-crevetteBlast my music... by emmersalldayStamp by Kataang-furubaHypocrite by QuidxProxQuoanti comparison stamp by SythgaraInception Mindfuck Stamp by jamesuytSlow internet... by prosaixBad handwriting -Stamp- by xxkeikochanxxI'M SO AMAZING by DametoraDream stamp by AffordableOC Stamp by ChibiGemPet Dragon Stamp by Sky-YoshiLate... by prosaixI laugh at trolls by prosaixNot the Only One by fear-the-brillianceOTP Stamp by agrajagthetesty- I think too much - by YuhonWe Get Headaches by linawifeofLNever Too Old Stamp by WorldincoffeeWanna Stamp by agra19Why I boycotted fandoms. by lostforeveragainProcrastination Stamp by MelissaDalton
I love my TABLET stamp by RRRAIStamp - Photoshop User by firstfearStamp - Paint Tool Sai User by firstfearPaypal: Commissions stamp by Cute-StampsCopyright Stamp by PsychoSlaughtermanPoints to Pennies by PaintedCricketLove to make OCs by railaBy Me, for Me by savagebinnForget Stuff Stamp + PLZ by Mirz123
Fullmetal Alchemist Stamp by Parker-StarkSoul Eater - Stamp by KizushikBlue Exorcist Stamp by Blue-LancerDisgaea stamp by SupremeSonrioKid Icarus Uprising Stamp by ZenfyreInception Stamp by NeikoishMAR stamp by SPAZE1Stamp Shingeki no Kyojin by AtsuKiroStar Trek stamp by Bourbons3Supernatural stamp by kshapiroDC Batman Chalk Symbol Stamp by TwilightProwlerAvatar stamp by Jeff2psycoStamp - Xiaolin Showdown by SuxinnDurarara by prince-AxelI love Zoids -stamp- by deutschschaferhundHeroes Stamp by Tao2EdenSA2 stamp by SonyaLSI :heart: windwaker by PirateGirl-TetraAnimal Crossing - Addict by onnawufeiSherlock by 1stClassStampsI Love Ghost Adventures STAMP by NauticalSparrowHouse Stamp by SpitFire19erREPO stamp by DaRk-StampsTRON: LEGACY - Light Cycles by azianwolfdoll.:I not offend you:. by OxAmyStamp - Forever a Rusher by IttyBittyVicAdventure Time Stamp by Trillo-Lillo
Dark Pit x Viridi Stamp by KumoriDragonLing x Ran Fan 3 by Gilligan-StampsSoulMaka Fan Stamp by Sakura-san17SE: I Support SteinXMarie by ladythestaJet and Wave Stamp by 13VOinKnuxikal Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16Adult Link +Tetra Stamp by BeagleTsuinPB x Marceline stamp by MagdaMiloCamillexLogan stamp by Numbuh9Stamp Req : Puss and Kitty by wLadyB91MefiAma Stamp by DarieAriShikaTema Stamp by veraukoroy x riza stamp by tigernightmareTangled kiss stamp by 1FoxyladyHilson Love by phoenixtsukino
Hollywood Undead stamp by ParamourxLightsFalloutboy Stamp by JetProwerTheFoxMy Chemical Romance I by darkdisciple-stampsThree Days Grace Stamp by LuxDaniSkillet Stamp by TheSaladManEllie Goulding Stamp by JustAColorfulTrancesum41 stamp by zeos-stamps.:Big Time Rush stamp 3:. by dannyphantom300Cascada Stamp by Muttie
Zach makes me tic - stamp by jojoMALFOYAmaimon is watching - Stamp by DracominAnEx - Mephisto STAMP by Umi-MizunoAoEx - Kuro Stamp by KumoriDragonTnB Stamp: 04 - Keith by KanraTCTnB Stamp: 01 - Kotetsu by KanraTCTnB Stamp: 02 - Barnaby by KanraTCTnB Stamp: 08 - Ivan by KanraTCKyuubi II by SRKAddictKabuto Yakushi Stamp by Rea-the-hedgehogStamp - Havoc by edelricrulesBlue-Eyes Shining Stamp by KuroKarasuAir Gear: Agito Stamp by Chrno-chanMugen Stamp by BusirisJin Stamp by Busirischainstamp ii by girikoExcalibur Stamp by morfachasSoul Eater Stamp by WK580iChao Stamp by Zack-The-GreatBabylon Rogues Fan Stamp by DarkDijinArtie89Tetra is Zelda by CleoMeleeMakar Stamp by CleoMeleeRito Stamp by Rito-TribeAdell Stamp by KumoriDragonRozalin Stamp by KumoriDragonTink Stamp by KumoriDragondood by UsAgIsAmAtHeQuEeNStamp - Disgaea by SuxinnVincent stamp by Koriiko-chanTaro Stamp by KumoriDragonZack Fair by Fyi-SusRayquaza-Stamp by DinoclawsRayquaza Stamp by gangstergKirk and Spock stamp by TrekkyStampsShiny Rayquaza No. 384 by TheStampKingGiga Bowser-Stamp by DinoclawsToS2 - Tenebrae Fan Stamp by hiiragi-the-tempestSpitfire Stamp by jewlechoRainbow Dash Stamp by tamagotchiBath Time Perry Stamp by Turtlegirl5Adventure Time: Marceline stamp oo1 by Kaze-yoHouse Stamp by Rikku2011Radda Stamp by GeneveveXJohn Blake Stamp by Aurora-StarletI BOUGHT THIS STAMP by SarlyneARTFalco Lombardi stamp by SA948-StampsTangled - Flynn: Freak Out by VilyaneStamp Scar by HavickTheLionStitch stamp by tessaryToothless by QuidxProxQuoKendall Stamp by KumoriDragonLogan Stamp by KumoriDragonCarlos Stamp by KumoriDragonJames Stamp by KumoriDragonVans Stamp by Kezzi-RoseI Love Chasing Stamp by bokujin-geshiI Love My Friend's OCs by ElStamporooniosGlasses stamp by Saga-kupoi support enterprise dragon stamp by enterdragongalaxyHyrule Warrios Impa Stamp by KumoriDragon



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Should I make a new account, Kumori-Dragon ? 

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Cause we could be immortals, but not for long.

:GA: cheri cheri lady by iCAVAlIA

Latest Work In Progress



:PC: Kumori by iCAVAlIA

i just wanted to post this here by MystikMeep
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3222-6226-0117 l KumoriDragon

Kid Icarus Uprising Stamp by ZenfyreSuper Smash Bros 4 Stamp by SoraJayhawk77Pokemon Y by MarlenesstampsAnimal Crossing New Leaf Stamp by XxAmyxXxPokemon Rumble stamp by ZombiDJLuigi's Mansion 2 Stamp by Kevfin
Timbre The Legend of Zelda : The Wind Waker HD by LeDrBenjiMario Kart 8 - Bowser by LittleYoshi8Hyrule Warriors stamp by Chrysalislover

Pokemon Y Team
658 - Greninja by MarlenesstampsMega Charizard Y by Marlenesstamps330 - Flygon by Marlenesstamps
373 - Salamence by Marlenesstamps445 - Garchomp by MarlenesstampsShiny Rayquaza by Marlenesstamps
Smash Bros Mains:
Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Bowser by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Charizard by KevfinDark Pit Stamp by Tapion-chan333
Super Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Greninja by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series - Toon Link by KevfinSuper Smash Bros Wii U Stamp Series : Palutena by Kevfin


Commission Batch Kumoridragon by Shamboro

Sam pixel icon by FourDirtyPawsDean pixel icon by FourDirtyPaws
hyrule warriors -- Impa (+spdpaint) by onisuuhyrule warriors -- Zelda (+spdpaint) by onisuu


Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Fall/Halloween Picture Progress Bars - Fire colors %10 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Smash Poster for Charizard Progress Bars - Fire colors %10 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Mega Rayquaza/Kumoriquaza Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Alyse x Juiliette 3-year Celebration Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon ATLA Fanart Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Naruto Tribute Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Kumori x Bob Proposal Progress Bars - Fire colors %0 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Linkle x Zeldon Progress Bars - Fire colors %10 by Kazhmiran
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Zelimpa One-shot Progress Bars - Fire colors %10 by Kazhmiran


Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Killing Apparatus - Writing Chapter 1.
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Starry-Eyed - Writing Chapter 11 / Typing Chapter 7 - Page 3 Completed
Kumori Bullet by KumoriDragon Soul Eater Animal Style - 24/60 Done



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